Resources for Visiting the Azores

If you are planning on going to the Azores, or already have your trip planned, here are a few websites that offer great information on visiting the Azores:

Visit & Visit

The websites for the Azorean Tourism Board and the Portuguese Tourism Board, provide tourist information on all 9 islands of the Azores.  You can view videos of the different activities on the islands.  Within both sites, sample itineraries are offered, giving various ideas for those who are interested in self-guided tours.

Visit Azores Website
Visit Portugal Website

Magical Azores

Website run by Rob Belchoir, a Canadian, whose father is from the Azores.    In his site, Rob shares his experiences on visiting the islands of the Azores.  He also offers tips for travel on the islands, and answers questions on his blog.  Be sure to check his Azores Photo Gallery as there are a lot of interesting photos of the islands.

Magical Azores Islands Website

Azores Guide & Destinazores

Azores Guide and Destinazores, are the publishers of tourist guides in the Azores.  These free guides can be found throughout the islands, either at hotels, tourist offices, and car rental offices.  There websites are online versions of their guides, with detailed information of the islands.

Azores Guide
Destinazores Website