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Day 1

Date : June 22, 2020

Evening Departure from Logan Airport

Evening departure from Logan Airport to Flores via Ponta Delgada aboard Azores Airlines. Complimentary meal served on board with beverages.

Day 2

Date : June 22, 2020

Arrival to the Island of Flores

After arrival on the island of Flores, we will be transferred to our hotel, the rest of the day is at leisure to get acquainted with the town of Santa Cruz das Flores. In the evening we meet for our welcome dinner.

Day 3

Date : June 22, 2020

Flores Island Tour

Our tour today begins by heading northeastern, stopping at Ponta dos Cedros and the town of Ponta Delgada to view the island of Corvo. Our next stop is the lighthouse where we’ll be able to see Ilheu do Monchinque, the furthest Western point of Europe. As we circle the island and head toward Fajãzinha we stop at several Lakes and observe flora of Flores. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant. After lunch, our tour continues along the Southwest stopping at the Rocha dos Bordões, basalt rock formations. The next stop will be the Nossa Senhora do Rosario Church to visit and view the town of Lajes, before returning back to our hotel.

Day 4

Date : June 22, 2020

Corvo Island Tour

We depart in the morning by boat for our Corvo island tour. As the boat proceeds to Corvo, our local skipper takes us along the shoreline of Flores to view the caves, faults, and waterfalls. Our first viewpoint is to see the village, named Vila do Corvo. We then head north to the Monte Gordo “Caldeirão”, an enormous caldera with an unusual topography. We return to Vila do Corvo for our lunch. After lunch, you will be able to explore the town and photograph the windmills before returning to the island of Flores. This tour operates weather permitting.

Day 5

Date : June 22, 2020

Faial Island

We depart to the island of Faial, upon arrival you will be transferred to your hotel, the rest of your day will be at your leisure to explore the town of Horta.

Day 6

Date : June 22, 2020

Faial Island Tour

We begin our full day tour to discover the island of Faial by driving through the city of Horta. Horta is most famous for its cosmopolitan yacht harbor. We next stop at the scenic point of Espalamaca to view the harbor and all its surroundings, followed by a visit to the "Caldeira". The Caldeira is a large crater in the central part of the island, where we view the beautiful natural landscape. As we descend the center of the island, we encounter cattle grazing on hillsides. Our tour’s next destination is the Capelinhos volcano area, where the volcano last erupted in 1958. Lunch will be served at a local restaurant, after lunch, we stop at a camping area with a reconstructed home depicting a typical “old” farm Faial house.

Day 7

Date : June 22, 2020

Island of Pico Tour

In the morning we take a short ferry ride over to the Island of Pico. After dropping our luggage off at the hotel, we begin a full-day tour of Pico, the “Mountain Island” beginning at its famous wine vineyards "Criação Velha", recognized as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2004. We continue on to Lajes do Pico stopping at the beautiful Church in São Mateus. As we proceed we make several stops at a handicraft exhibition, wine museum and whaling museum (Museu dos Baleeiros). Lunch will be served at a local restaurant as the tour proceeds around the island. We continue our tour towards São Roque do Pico stopping briefly at "Arcos do Cachorro", an impressive display of rock formations (one in the shape of a dog) coming out of the sea, as well as to taste the various liquors of the region.

Day 8

Date : June 22, 2020

São Jorge Island Tour

Today we depart on a full-day tour to São Jorge Island. We head towards the western part of the island, visiting a forestry park and cheese factory. We travel through Fajãs, Fajã do Ouvidor and Fajã dos Cubres. As we travel around the island, our lunch will be at a local restaurant. After lunch, we stop by Manadas to see the beautiful church of Santa Barbara. Our final stop before heading back to Velas is the town of Urzelina where we will see the remains of a church buried under lava from the eruption of 1808. We end the tour with a visit to a private coffee plantation, prior to returning to our hotel in Pico by Ferry.

Day 9

Date : June 22, 2020

Terceira Island

Today we make our way back to the airport, for a quick flight to the island of Terceira, upon arrival you will be transferred to Hotel and the rest of the day will be at leisure to explore the historical center of "Angra do Heroísmo" (World Heritage site by UNESCO in 1983).

Day 10

Date : June 22, 2020

Terceira Island Tour

Today we take a full day tour to explore the island of Terceira “The Lilac Island”. We depart for Monte Brazil passing by the beautiful city of Angra do Heroísmo stopping at Pico das Cruzinhas. This is the highest point on Monte Brasil, with a beautiful view of the city and its outskirts. The tour continues towards the eastern side of the island, showing the typical settlements and rural architecture and colorful Imperios. We stop in the town of São Sebastião, where the church is one of the oldest of the Azores. After lunch we drive to Praia da Vitoria, and then onto Serra do Cume, with beautiful views overlooking the town of Lajes and the ocean. Our final stop is at an ice cream factory, for a treat.

Day 11

Date : June 22, 2020

Island of Graciosa

In the morning you will have time to do any last-minute shopping, before departing to the airport in the early afternoon. Afterward, we will be brought to the airport for a quick flight to the island of Graciosa. After checking into the hotel you will have the rest of the day to enjoy the town of Santa Cruz da Graciosa.

Day 12

Date : June 22, 2020

Graciosa Island Tour

Today we embark on a full-day tour to explore the island of Graciosa. We head to Monte Nossa Senhora da Ajuda that has breath-taking views of the surrounding countryside. On our travels around the island, we stop to see windmills and the Farol da Ponta da Barca. Here, there are views of volcanic formations in the shape of a whale, (Ilheus). Afterward, we drive to the unique geological formation of Caldeira and Furna de Enxofre, (Sulphur Cavern) - (admission optional to descend into the cave). While we circle the island we stop at various scenic areas to view the different points of the island as well as to have lunch. We depart in the afternoon to São Miguel Island. Upon arrival, you will be transferred to your Hotel. The rest of the day will be spent at your leisure to either enjoy the pool or visit the city of Ponta Delgada.

Day 13

Date : June 22, 2020

São Miguel Island Tour

Today we will be off on our full-day tour. We begin by traveling along the southern coast toward Vila Franca where we will stop at the Pottery Factory in Lagoa, followed by stops at scenic points. We then head towards Lagoa das Furnas, to view the geothermic ovens that cook the traditional cozido, afterward we head towards the village of Furnas where lunch will be served. After lunch, we will walk around the village to view the Caldeiras, then depart the village. On our return to Ponta Delgada, we will make a stop at the Gorreana Tea Plantation, one of the oldest tea plantations in Europe, and we’ll be able to sample their teas.

Day 14

Date : June 22, 2020

São Miguel Island leisure day

Today is a free day to enjoy the island of São Miguel.

Day 15

Date : June 22, 2020

Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo Tour

Today we will be off on our full day tour of Sete Cidades and Lagoa do Fogo. We begin by making a short visit to a pineapple plantation. There we will see how the pineapple is cultivated, followed by a sampling of the pineapple liquor. We then proceed to visit the Lagoa do Canário and Lagoa de Santiago. After that we make a climb to Vista do Rei for a panoramic view of the two lakes of Sete Cidades. A typical lunch will then be served. After lunch we head to the Lagoa do Fogo, making stops in Ribeira Grande and Caldeira Velha. At the top of Lagoa do Fogo we are able to see both the north and south coasts of São Miguel.

Day 16

Date : June 22, 2020

Santa Maria Tour

We depart in the early morning to Santa Maria for a full day tour with lunch. Our first stop is Anjos, the location of the first landfall of Christopher Columbus on his return from America. We then proceed to the historic Church of São Pedro, followed by a stop at the scenic point of Lagoinha. We continue to the town of Santa Barbara and visit the beautiful Church of Santa Barbara in the Baroque Style. We then travel west to São Lourenço for a splendid bird’s-eye view of the bay and its Cliffside vineyards. After that, we head to the pretty village of Santo Espirito, visiting the Ethnographic Museum and the XVI Century Church. According to legend, this is where the first Mass was celebrated in the Azores. On our return to Vila do Porto we pass through the town of Almagreira. In the evening, we depart back to Ponta Delgada, to our hotel.

Day 17

Date : June 22, 2020

São Miguel Island Leisure Day

Today the day is at leisure to complete any last-minute shopping or relax. In the evening we will be going to a local restaurant for our farewell dinner.

Day 18

Date : June 22, 2020


Our final morning in the Azores will be at your leisure and preparing for the trip home. We will be checking out by noon from the hotel and transfer to the airport for our return flight to Boston.

  • Round trip airfare from Boston to the Azores, including inter-island flights between island groups;
  • Inter-island ferry tickets between the “triangle islands” and Flores and Corvo;
  • 4-star hotel stays in the islands of (Flores, Faial, Pico, Terceira, Graciosa, Sao Miguel)
  • 10 full-day tours including lunch (one on each island and two in Sao Miguel) –  Tours conducted by English speaking local guides;
  • Welcome and Farewell dinner on first and last night of the tour;
  • Round trip transfers from airports to hotels (Azores).

Meals: 28 Meals : 16 breakfasts (B), 10 lunches (L), 2 dinners(D)

Airline fair taxes and single supplement not included.

  • Pricing Name
    Group (Min-Max)
  • Pricing Name Trip 1
    Start Monday June 22, 2020
    End Friday July 10, 2020
    2 People - No size limit
  • Pricing Name Trip 2
    Start Sunday August 2, 2020
    End Tuesday August 18, 2020
    2 People - No size limit
  • Pricing Name Trip 3
    Start Thursday August 20, 2020
    End Sunday September 6, 2020
    2 People - No size limit

Portugal and Madeira are on GMT time, or five hours difference between the east coast of the US. The time in the Azores is four hours ahead of Boston, and seven hours ahead of San Francisco.

Portuguese is the official language of Portugal and its islands. Most hotels, stores and restaurants have English speaking employees or menus written in English.

Portugal and its islands use the euro as its currency. You can exchange money at the airport, or in the major cities/towns.
Most major credit cards are accepted, just look for a sign that says “Multibanco” or the credit card sticker in a shop or restaurant window. When paying by credit card they will bring you a handheld machine that they insert the card or swipe. Just remember to press ok if you accept, as most times it will ask for a PIN.

Gratuities are common in Portugal and its islands, though not as common as the US. Below is a suggested guide as to what to leave behind as a gratuity.
Restaurants: Expect to leave a few euros of change of gratuity, as 15%-20% is not common.

Tour Guides: 5-10 euros tip per person on a full-day tour. Tour Bus Drivers: 2-5 euros tip per person on a full-day tour. Cab Drivers: No gratuity needed.

Electricity in Portugal and its islands is 220-240 volts, and it uses a different socket/outlet compared to the US. Check the voltage accepted, with whatever device that you use, should the device be built for that type of voltage, then an adapter would be needed to charge the device.

Portugal and its islands have many places to connect to the Internet. Most hotels have an Internet /Wi-Fi connection and provide you with the password to connect. Restaurants and cafes also have connections, though password protected, just be sure to ask for the password. Also, in some towns, there is a local Wi-Fi, where it is free to connect.

Please check with your cell phone provider. Mention that you are traveling to “Portugal” and they can let you know if you have coverage with your phone. You can also purchase a prepaid cell phone in Portugal, the cost is about 25 euros, and it provides you with a Portuguese number and a certain amount of credits to make calls. Some providers even have specials where the calls are free to landlines.