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The Azores islands are a permanent home or point of passage for more than a third of the world’s whale and dolphin species. Sperm whales, common dolphins, bottlenose dolphins and Risso’s dolphins are present around the Azores archipelago throughout the year. Other species visit or pass by during specific seasons so that our sightings vary a lot during the year and often from day to day!

We offer year-round responsible whale and dolphin watching tours and swimming with dolphins tours. Our tours of around 3 hours operate daily, depending on weather conditions. All tours are preceded by a briefing in which one of our qualified biologists explains the importance of how the Azoreans have converted whale hunting to whale watching in the Azores. Each briefing also contains information about safety, rules of observation and respect for the animals and an overview of what may be sighted during the tour. All our tours are led by qualified biologists and nature guides who provide detailed explanations and collect scientific data during the tour.

Summer months are the best time to see Atlantic spotted dolphins, pilot whales and striped dolphins, whereas the spring months are the time to see migrating baleen whales such as blue whales, fin whales and sei whales.

Our tours can be done departing from the following Islands: São Miguel, Terceira, Pico and Faial.

We recommend that you bring comfortable clothes and shoes, sweater, jacket, hat, sunscreen, water.


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