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Golden Portugal: A Journey of Cultural Splendor and Coastal Charms


Embark on a mesmerizing journey through "Golden Portugal," where each day unfolds a new chapter of cultural immersion and coastal enchantment. Begin in Lisbon, the dynamic capital, exploring ancient neighborhoods, savoring hidden culinary gems, and tracing the soulful notes of Fado music. 

Discover the historical allure of Sintra, surrounded by lush landscapes, before coastal bliss in picturesque Cascais. Enjoy leisure days in Lagos, allowing the Algarve's golden beaches and charming city corners to captivate you at your own pace. 

Golden Portugal promises  an immersive blend of history and coastal beauty, inviting you to embrace the heart and soul of this remarkable country. 

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Day 1

Arrival to Lisbon

Embark on a magical journey as you step foot in Portugal's vibrant capital, Lisbon. Your senses are greeted with the warm embrace of this captivating city. After settling into your hotel, the day unfolds with the promise of exploration and discovery. The streets of Lisbon beckon, inviting you to wander through its charming alleys and absorb the unique atmosphere that sets the tone for your Portuguese adventure.

Day 2

City Tour

Prepare for a day of enchantment as you delve into the rich history of ancient Lisbon. A guided tour leads you through authentic neighborhoods, revealing the tales of Fado, the soul-stirring Portuguese music. Uncover the architectural wonders and immerse yourself in the local culture, all while discovering hidden culinary gems that add a savory touch to your Lisbon experience.

Day 3

Sintra and Cascais

Bid farewell to Lisbon after breakfast and set out for the picturesque town of Sintra. Here, historical marvels like Quinta da Regaleira await your exploration. Delve into the 19th-century garden, unveiling its hidden cave passageways and symbolic wells. After a delectable lunch, trace the coastline to the sun-kissed town of Cascais, where the sea whispers tales of adventure and relaxation.

Day 4

Leisure Day

Embrace the luxury of a leisurely day, allowing serendipity to guide your exploration. Whether you choose to revisit a favorite spot or stumble upon a hidden gem, this day is yours to savor as you please.

Day 5

Transfer to the Algarve

As the sun rises, bid Lisbon adieu and embark on a scenic train journey to the Algarve. The coastal beauty unfolds as you arrive in Lagos. Check into your hotel and let the allure of the city captivate you as you enjoy a day of free exploration.

Day 6

Benagil Caves

Embark on a maritime adventure, cruising along the Algarve Coast to discover the secrets concealed within the Benagil Caves. Marvel at the intricate rock formations and the vibrant marine life visible through the glass bottom of the boat. Expert narrations on the region's history, fauna, and flora elevate this cruise into an educational and visually stunning experience.

Day 7

Leisure Day

Revel in the freedom to follow your whims and desires. Whether it's a lazy day on the beach, a stroll through the city, or an unexpected adventure, let the Algarve's charm unfold at your own pace.

Day 8


With cherished memories in your heart, it's time to bid farewell to the Algarve. You'll be transferred to the airport, taking with you the echoes of Portugal's beauty and the promise of a return to its enchanting shores.

Trip Features:

  • 4 nights in Hotel Mundial standard room BB
  • 3 nights in Tivoli Faro standard room BB
  • RT Transfers
  • Food Tour in Lisbon shared basis
  • Full Day Sintra with entrance in Quinta da Regaleira
  • Benagil Tour Cave in the Algarve
  • Train tickets Lisbon to the Algarve
  • Airfare 
  • Single Supplement
  • Personal expenses and meals 
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