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Azorean cuisine is rich, hearty, and very different from the food in Portugal. Its fresh and organic produce bring whole and tasty ingredients to the table. Its meat, seafood, spicy stews, sweet desserts, and rich dairy products will leave you asking for more. If you enjoy food, or consider yourself a foodie, you will not regret taking this tour.  Get ready to be surprised by the amazing food found in the island!

Ponta Delgada is the largest city of the Azores, it displays beautiful landmarks with mysterious cobblestone streets and alleys, where settlers, laborers and travelers collected unique ingredients and culinary traditions from allover the world. While you explore the city and walk downtown, you will visit traditional eateries were you will taste unique and new flavors. The menu includes: several native fruits, honey, local bread rolls, pastries, seafood, meat, and it wraps up with homemade desserts, and two drinks produced locally (mineral water, sodas or beer). Already savoring?

As you enjoy the visits to the eateries, you will learn the history of the place and its landmarks, the relevant factors that shaped Azorean culture, fascinating stories about tea and pineapple plantations (unique in Europe), what locals eat and why they eat it, and tips of where to eat, shop and do during your stay. Ready to grasp Azorean culture and treat your taste buds?


  • All food and 2 drinks included
  • Distance covered: about 1.6Km (1 Mi.)
  • Vegetarian options available

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