Tour Azores is a family owned and operated travel agency that has been providing escorted tours to the Azores, Madeira and Mainland Portugal for the past seventeen years.

Blue and Green Island Tour

7 day Multi-island tour

With our Blue (Island of Faial) and Green (Island of Sao Miguel) you get to experience three different Azorean islands…

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Lisbon and Azores Tour

Lisbon is a vibrant cosmopolitan city and the capital of Portugal. The Island of Sao Miguel is the largest island in size and population…

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Green Island Tour

The best part is the natural beauty stays the same, as well as the warmth of the Azorean people…

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Here at Tourazores, we not only provide great packages to the Azores, we also provide the following services to our clients…

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Travel Packages

We offer a variety of tour packages spanning across all of the Azores…

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About Tour Azores

Tour Azores is the web-based arm of Columbia Travel, Inc.

Located in Fall River, Massachusetts.  Columbia Travel is a family owned and operated travel…

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